Episode 13

What's new with Abuse Manager v2.0 | Guest: LG Forsberg

LG Forsberg, CTO at iQ, speaks with Pinky Brand, SVP at iQ about what's new with Abuse Manager in the recently released version 2.0. Navigate directly to specific topics by clicking on the below chapter time stamps.

0:18 - Introduction

1:31 - Evolution of RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor to Abuse Manager and v2.0

4:14 - Dashboard and UI

6:15 - Case Management, Sorting, Filtering, Exporting

7:30 - Reports

8:05 - Rulesets

9:50 - Threat Intelligence Marketplace feeds

11:06 - Vetting process for Threat Intelligence Marketplace feeds

15:52 - Inbound Email Reports

20:00 - Evidence and Screenshot support

23:16 - Other features, summary, looking toward v2.1, customer use cases

26:55 - Free Trial, how it works

28:05 - Nordic Domain Days 2022

Recorded: 2 December 2021

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