Episode 14

A Female Perspective on the Domain Industry | Guest: Mou Mukherjee

EPISODE 14: Mou Mukherjee, Head of Registry Services at .CLOUD, speaks with Pinky Brand, SVP at iQ, about her journey in the domain name industry, her challenges in running a registry, and her lived experience as a female in the industry. Navigate directly to specific topics by clicking on the below chapter time stamps:

1:28 - Tell us about your journey in the domain name industry. How did you first get involved?

4:07 - You left the industry for a while. Why did you decide to return?

8:05 - Tell us a bit about .CLOUD and what you do there.

11:04 - What do you attribute to .CLOUD’s success?

18:10 - What challenges did you face running the registry in the early days?

22:05 - Marketing and selling premium names as a registry

29:12 - You are a woman of color, born in India, growing up in Canada, working for an Italian company, and doing business in China. How has it all shaped your views on running a business that is truly international in scope and scale?

36:25 - Where did you go to find mentors and coaches?

40:22 - Is it trauma, imposter syndrome, or both for some women in our industry?

45:35 - Reflections on the personal journey. Self-exploration and transformation.

Published: 14 December 2021

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